Our Company Information

  • Company Policy Through "ASSURED QUALITY"

    Customer Satisfaction by Delivery on Time, Good Quality and Competitive Price. To accomplish this, TOCHIGI-KEN TECH. INT’L INC. has set up strategic Quality Management Goal as follows:
    ▪ The development of a corporate knowledge-base that collects, indexes and centralizes information from customers, suppliers, sales staffs, field service agents, as well as internet information sources.
    ▪ To develop employees as Elite Workers.
    ▪ To be a business partner to every customer.

    Construction Capabilities & Services

    One of Tochigi-ken Tech’s main stream of business is the Design & Construction (Turnkey) of Cleanroom Facilities from Class 1 to Class 100K. We are geared for cleanroom construction with a staff of experienced project managers and construction crews who are always ready to respond to your fast track projects. Our capabilities include the following:
    ▪ Class 1 to Class 100,000 Cleanroom Facility Design & Construction
    ▪ Production Room Design & Construction (Turnkey)
    ▪ HVAC-Air-conditioning, Ventilation & Exhaust System
    ▪ Process Piping Design & Installation
    ▪ Lighting System Design & Installation
    ▪ Fire Sprinkler Installation/Fire Protection System / Fire Suppression Systems
    ▪ Dry Wall Partitions, Ceiling Systems
    ▪ General Building
    ▪ Clean booth
    ▪ Cold Storage Room
    ▪ IT Rooms / Structured Cabling
    ▪ Special Laboratories (Bio-safety Lab, Food Testing, Animal Testing Facility)
    ▪ Process Mechanical & Electrical Works

    Construction Product

    ▪ Conductive Rubber Tile-Finished Solid Panel
    ▪ Nickel-chromed Grating Panel
    ▪ Conductive Epoxy-Finished Solid Panel
    ▪ Perforated Stainless Steel Laminated-Finished Panel
    ▪ Conductive Vinyl Laminated Finished Solid Panel
    ▪ Nickel Chromed Finished Solid Panel
    ▪ Sandwich Panel
    ▪ Ceiling Grid System for normal and clean rooms
    ▪ Conductive Vinyl Tiles
    ▪ Air Showers / Air Tunnel
    ▪ Hepa / ULPA Filters / Fan Filter Units
    ▪ Primary and Secondary Air Filters

    Machine Edge – to give dimensional accuracy and to provide accurate height control
    Coating – different types of surfaces finish are provided for different industry requirements. Aluminum die cast ribs to increase strength and improve point load across panel. Aluminum die cast finish for homogeneity in strength and construction.
    Epoxy Powder - coated finish for corrosion resistance and to provide an aesthetic outlook. Cementations compound reinforces the panel and provides good, concentrated and uniform load resistance. Black rubber edge trim to protect the edges of the panel.
    Steel Perforated Panel – to provide air circulation for re-Circulation or cooling purpose.

    Construction Capabilities & Services


        Cleanroom Facilities are mechanically intensive and involves application of high efficiency filtration and specialized air conditioning systems. Close tolerance temperature and humidity control as well as complex process support equipment are also typically required.

        Tochigi-ken Tech. Int’l Inc. has a complete staff of engineers that design, specify and manage that installation of these systems on a turnkey basis.

    Tochigi-ken Tech’s in-house staff includes individual specialty engineers trained and experience in the following areas of cleanroom filtration Systems:
    ▪ Mechanical/Complex Environmental System
    ▪ Electrical
    ▪ Architectural-Interior Finishing
    ▪ Control and computer Based Monitoring Systems
    ▪ Process Support Systems

    Tochigi-ken Tech’s design team will make a detailed analysis of your requirements and develop a facility tailored to your needs. Our goal is to provide the best quality, functional and cost effective design.